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Our Story

The Beginning


Stories have always been told, with some of the earliest evidence seen in cave drawings from 30,000 years ago. In today’s world, stories are synonymous with written words but what if words aren’t enough?

This question, was what inspired us to create this brand. What if we could share our stories through another medium and form genuine relationships in the process? What if Señero did the talking?

How it started

How it's going

The Process

Research, Sampling and more Research

We then thought a lot about how we can distinguish ourselves in an already saturated market.

This led us on a 3 months journey filled with lots of research and sampling. We arrived at a point where we decided to start with gold jewellery, and not just any gold - not gold plated or gold vermeil which wears off, but a base material known for its strength and corrosion resistance. We do not use nickel or zinc alloys, therefore all Señero pieces are hypoallergenic (i.e. allergy-safe). The base metal is then coated using the latest technology utilising titanium nitride that provides a tough wearing coating which is extremely durable, waterproof and sweatproof because how else can we ensure you tell your story in an authentic way.

The Journey

Our Values

What guides our production and distribution at Señero are;


We believe everyone’s story is unique, and you should have the opportunity to tell yours just as it is. For this reason all of our pieces have been designed to help you achieve this.


We have done our due diligence to select materials that optimise production cost but don’t skim on the quality of the product. 


We believe in preserving our environment; hence our packaging is recyclable.
We also believe in giving back to communities and causes that we & our customers care about. This means that 10% of sales from products tagged ‘give back’ will be donated to selected charities every quarter.

The Inner Circle

Join Us

We would love you to be a part of our journey. Join the Señero inner circle for a chance to select our upcoming designs and for special offers


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