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Men want jewellery too

Men are getting in on the jewellery trend. Why shouldn't they? Wearing jewels is an amazing way to make a bold statement, whether it be for an important milestone or simply as a great way to express yourself. You know how important storytelling is for us at Senero, and we don't want the men to feel left out. What women wear is often the talk of fashion and style, but men don't want to be left behind. They too want to put on accessories that reflect taste and personality.

Men have always been concerned with their appearance but they used to be less inclined to spend money on it. Today, there are many more products available for men and their grooming needs than ever before. Men's jewellery has always been associated with the bling and the bigger, the better. However, that's all changing with the introduction of a new breed of men's jewellery - minimalist, delicate, understated and sophisticated.

To ensure we're creating what our customers want, we decided to start with these 3 pieces. The Name Necklace is our most-popular female jewellery sold, and we thought to introduce the men's style in silver. This is for you/him if you want something that's going to make a statement and represent who you are/he is as a person, without being too gaudy or ostentatious.

Our second piece in this collection is The Heritage Necklace, this simple yet elegant piece adds an understated, modern touch to this design. For the man who likes to keep it minimal, this necklace is an understated way of showing off your heritage.

Our final design in this initial men's collection launch is The Classic Ring. This classic ring is a must for any man's jewellery collection. This is a perfect gift idea for your partner or friend who likes contemporary style with a classic twist.

We know that sometimes it's hard to get started on gifts for him—and even harder to find things that fit his tastes and preferences. But with our new collection of men's jewellery, there are no limits on what you can gift! The best part is that all of our pieces are waterproof, so you'll get value for money.

Men are wearing jewellery more than ever before, you can be the first to introduce the man/men in your life to waterproof jewellery. Which of these 3 pieces is your favourite?


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