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How to Step Into The New Year Intentionally

We all want to be successful in the new year, but it takes intentional action to get you there. Motivation only goes so far and without a clear plan of action, your goals are subject to floundering. Words are powerful, so say them and let them start to take root.

Find your own word that resonates with you

As the founder of an inspirational brand like Senero, I usually get asked by customers what they should engrave on their jewellery and my first question back to them is "what words resonates with you?".

Take a pen and paper out and try to answer these questions as genuinely as possible. First, please consider your values, then your reason and purpose for being on this earth, what is it that you do in life? What are you are passionate about? What have been you heart's desires? Determine your goals and aspirations. Check out your present and future circumstances. Write down the things that come up for you. Focus on yourself and self-discipline. Then, decide about the actions needed to achieve these goals in life or achieve desired results or outcomes. What is the recurring word you can notice in your answers?

What jewellery items do you wear the most?
Now that we are done with the brief exercise, we all want to make our resolutions stick. With the new year, there is a precious opportunity in front of us to commit to a change, to chase what we want more passionately and act more courageously. One of the most important ways we can place our intentions into action is by making it visible, this is where Senero can support with the intentionality. Our brand story is hinged on inspiring others to tell their stories in their own way, which gives you the opportunity to select the jewellery items you are most comfortable with.

Are you a necklace lover? Our Personalised Name Necklace inspires you to tell your story through your identity. If this is something you want to be bold about in the new year, this piece of jewellery is perfect for you. You can also choose to your 2022 resonating word, that way it is close to your heart. Our Cross Faith Necklace (bestseller) serves as a reminder if you're looking to grow in your faith this year or if you're looking to encourage a friend.

Are you a ring lover? Our 'Growth/Perfection' Ring reminds you to choose growth over perfection everyday while our 'Faith/Fear' Ring serves as a reminder that no matter how troubled the times we live in, the sun will always rise in 2022 and we'll always see it with those we love.

Are you a cuff/bracelet lover? Inscribe your words on this Personalised Cuff to speak encouraging words over yourself. By wearing a meaningful jewellery piece, you'll step into the new year more confident and with more intention.

So there you have it, some simple but effective ways to kick off the new year. My advice? Be intentional. Be thoughtful. Create goals that positively impact you and move you forward. Write them down on paper, on your jewellery and everywhere possible, so you can see them every day, but stay realistic as well. Stick with your resolutions through the tough times and I wish you lots of luck. x


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